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Remember that time we all went hunting and gathering together?

Who could ever forget good old King Tut!

TB to the time Neil laid his foot on the moon!

Our Story

In 2013, we built StorySpot around the simple idea that you could tell the story of any person’s life with music. Simply choose 20 songs that they love, that define them, or that mark their life’s milestones. Save them on Spotify, and share them on Facebook,  Instagram, or other platforms. Simple as that! Every soundtrack different, just like every life.

But people wanted more than just the music. They had questions: Why that song? Who else was involved? Tell me more.

So we added features. Photos? Check. Audio files? No problem. A slide show? Videos? All possible, and all important elements that our users need to convey the richness of a person’s life, or their own. And so, StorySpot evolved into a powerful platform that empowers you build a rich, multimedia story for anyone in your life. Your  parent. Your friend. Your lover.

We also learned that it had to be EASY and FAST to do. With just a few clicks and in less than an hour, you can put together a StorySpot.

For thousands of years, humans have sought to be remembered. Think about the earliest cave drawings, the pyramids, the Mona Lisa, and millions of  photos. These all serve the same purpose. They say,  “this is how I lived. This is what I believed. This is what I loved.”

StorySpot helps you tell the story.

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